Africa Calling

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I had no idea, when I wrote about becoming a nomad for a year, how such a risky decision would turn out. In the modern world, we are conditioned to play it safe, work a real job, buy a house, save our money, and travel the world when we retire. Living in such an environment… Read more »

Namibia, the unexpected!

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Namibia had been on my mind for several years. I had been there once, but only for a few days. I will save that story for another time. Most photographers have seen numerous images of  Sossusvlei with the red sand dunes, the ghost town in Kilmanskop, the Quiver trees, and the sand dunes along the… Read more »

CHOICES- Stuff or Experiences…..

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Our American culture, now spreading world wide, makes it challenging to make the choice between “Stuff” and “Experiences”.  My main computer has been down since my return from my most recent journey through eastern Africa and I cannot yet transfer the huge amount of files that need to be edited. So, I have been taking… Read more »


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I was excited all week to write this next blog post  since I am really trying to keep my personal commitment to  posting once a week,  but like all things in life,  time seems to run short,  which is the best lead in to the thoughts I want to share. I had hope to hit… Read more »


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Silence…..but now there are words. I have been rather silent lately and even though the words are few, I wanted to reconnect.  It’s hard to believe I have been back from the Omo Valley for almost 3 months already and I have not found the time to share more of my images and what an… Read more »

Creating a New Path

Creating a New Path

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So, what do you do when your vision and the path you are on fall out of sync, become blurry, and you hit a road block? Be like water and flow around it or back up and chose a new path? Going down the creative path is never a smooth ride. It is filled with… Read more »

camels in the Thar Desert, India

A personal message

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I am just 2 weeks away from and incredible journey and as you can tell by the date of my last post the list seems to be getting longer and time seems to be getting shorter. I started this new blog as a place for not only for photographers, but for everyone to be inspired to pursue a passion.