Tribes of the Omo – Last Chance

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The tribes of the Omo Valley are some of the most ornate on the continent of Africa and around the world. Although I had been traveling to Africa for many years before stepping foot into Ethiopia, it was my first trip to the Omo Valley that really defined the focus of my work in Eastern… Read more »


Dropping into a National Geographic wildlife documentary

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If you ever dreamed of being dropped into the middle of a National Geographic wildlife documentary film, then come on safari to the Maasai Mara! Not only are the drama, suspense, action and excitement far beyond your expectations, but chances are that you will be sitting along side a film crew and the top wildlife… Read more »


A photographer’s life in the Bush – What a week!

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Well, you can say, “It has been one of those weeks.” Those wonderful, “African Rains”, of which everyone dreams and Toto sings, have made a huge mud pit of the Mara, and it is the dry season!!   At one point in my life, I thought it would be amazing to tough out the mess during… Read more »

BV2U2017 - Version 2

The power of Light

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I recently posted the above image on FB and it became one of my top 20 images posted. Let’s be serious, it is a portrait of a buffalo. There are so many images that have required huge amounts of effort, uncomfortable accommodations, beans and rice, long drives, sand storms, harsh rains, impossible muddy roads, and… Read more »


Nomad for a year

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Well, this past year has been a wild ride. I have been back in the US for about a month and will soon head back to Africa on January 3rd. Chasing a dream is hard work. Since first stepping foot on the African continent in 2004, I knew I had to spend at least one… Read more »

Travel Photographer of the Year

Travel Photographer of the Year – Finalist

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  Wow has this been a crazy, but unbelievable year. Just before boarding the plane in Nairobi, heading back to the US, I received an email that two of my portfolios had been selected as finalist for the Travel Photographer of the Year; one for my tribal work and one for my wildlife work. The… Read more »


Pro-Talk for the Creative Photo Academy

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I am excited to be giving the Pro-Talk for the Creative Photo Academy this tuesday evening, Dec 1, at 7:00 PM.   I will be discussing the three most important idea’s to drastically improve your photography, sharing the story of my journey in photography, and choosing the right safari that matches your goals.  During the… Read more »


To my American Friends, Happy Thanksgiving

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This is my favorite holiday of the year. Unlike most holidays, which are about buying and giving things, this holiday is about sharing a special day with our friends and family, eating great food, watching American football, and most of all, giving thanks for all we have! My experiences over this past year have especially… Read more »


Artistic vision beyond the obvious

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FAR too often we get too caught up in the excitement of our subject to take a step back, take a deep breath, and allow our own artistic vision to flow. We arrive at an exciting destination and switch from artistic vision to, “getting the shot”. We travel half way around the world dreaming of… Read more »


TOO many vehicles in the Mara, really?

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I am always curious about a person when I receive an email, or read a comment complaining about too many vehicles in the Mara. I often wonder what their personal motivation is behind discouraging others from coming to one of the most renowned wildlife reserves in the world, a reserve immortalized by countless BBC and… Read more »