Helicopter Photography over the Maasai Mara!

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In stark contrast, against the dramatic stormy African sky, the golden light illuminated the long dry grasses just as the coalition of five cheetahs started heading toward us. The stage was set perfectly when my guide Jonathan turned toward me and quietly said, “the rains in the highlands have swelled the rivers, and we do… Read more »

Printing the winning photograph from Natures best Africa

Award Winner – African Wildlife -NATURES BEST PHOTOGRAPHY

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I think it is safe to assume we all have days that are better than others. Several weeks ago, just a few days before leaving to Kenya, to lead the Great Migration Safari, I had one of those monumental days/moments. I was frantically trying to “get it all done”, when the phone rang. On the… Read more »

Heading back to the Omo Valley

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Like no other place, the Tribes in the Omo Valley capture one’s soul and create memories that will be shared for decades, not to mention the stunning images. I know this to be true not just from my own experiences, but from the many of you who have traveled the world and joined me for… Read more »

Double Page Spread – Kenya Airways

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It is an honor to share that one of my great migration images is featured on a double page spread in the African highlight feature article: Great Wildebeest Migration from the Serengeti to the Maasai Mara; currently in the Kenya Airways in flight magazine, Msafiri.    

Photography Making a Difference- Saving Rhinos

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Several years’ back I shot this interview for a project that has deep personal meaning in the message of my own photography. The project did not move forward so this piece was filed in the archives. This past year I was invited to donate a print to a critically important book and project; Remembering Rhinos…. Read more »

The Visual Echoes Panning Plate

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As safari season is quickly upon us, coupled with the great migration season in Kenya and the dry season in Botswana and South Africa, I receive numerous emails about what gear to bring. One of the most important decisions is how you will stabilize your camera and lens for sharp images. This can vary greatly… Read more »

Turkana tribe dancing

A beautiful tribal festival for peace

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Each year, hundreds of tribal people walk for days across the serene barren terrain to gather along the shores of Lake Turkana for a peacemaking festival. As many as 15 tribes/ethnic groups, such as the Randille, Samburu, Turkana, Dassanach Gabra, Borana, El Molo, Konso, Sakure, Garee, and Waata, gather in a kaleidoscope of color, dressed… Read more »

Are you guilty of chasing the photograph?

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Today, more than ever, it seems photographers can’t resist the temptation to chase the photograph. With the digital age and Internet, we now have access to millions of images a day, instead of a few thousand each month, printed on the glossy pages of magazines. We see a stunning image and we instantly think, “I… Read more »

Off the Grid in a Soulful Place

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“That area is unsafe, the roads are terrible, the people are dangerous, and you should not go.” When I hear these comments, it draws my interest to a place, one that was most likely sparked by an image I viewed that made my heart pound with curiosity and possibility. These were the comments I heard… Read more »

Stunning Exhibits by Joan Miller and Terri Gold

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Greetings from Namibia. We have not had much internet so I am keeping this short, but I wanted to let you know of two wonderful exhibits, which I will sadly miss as I will be in Africa during both of these exhibits.   Vanishing Tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley by Joan Miller At the On… Read more »