This nomad has landed

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This nomad has officially landed after being on the road for 14 consecutive months. It was not planned; life just kind of happened. You can read more about the beginning from my blog post, “Africa Calling.” Living out of a suitcase was very convenient as I led over 11 safaris last year, not including the… Read more »


The Generosity Expedition Begins

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The Generosity Expedition, an extraordinary journey across much of northern Kenya, all the way to the border of Ethiopia, begins today! I have put up a simple map, with an estimate of our route, to show you the ground we will cover in just two short weeks. The Landy has been prepped over the past… Read more »


If you are only choosing one

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If you are only choosing one, then you must choose this one! Whether you have watched Out of Africa, viewed The Lion King, seen exotic documentaries from National Geographic or grew up watching Born Free and Wild Kingdom, it is easy to become completely captivated by the African savannah, the big game that roams some… Read more »


The past few weeks…..

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The past few weeks I have been on safari through Botswana with an incredible group of people that ended with four days in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe; a pristine wilderness area and safari style like back in the days of Hemmingway. A truly magical experience that went far beyond the images we captured, as we walked… Read more »

leopard cubs safari

An African Safari; are you ready?

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Going on an African Safari is a dream for most wildlife photographers and being in the Maasai Mara during the migration is, hands down, the most exciting wildlife experience in the world. Nowhere in the world, including all other destinations in Africa, will you find the extreme big cat action and plethora of exotic species,… Read more »


An Exciting Announcement !……

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I am very excited to be announcing my first project in Africa.  Extremely Limited,  Leather Hand Beaded, in Africa,  Canvas Prints Proceeds to help Tribes The tribes throughout the African continent have greatly enriched my life. It is such a privilege for me to be able to travel to these remote areas, share incredible experiences… Read more »


Africa in Infrared- Outdoor Photographer cover & 6-page article

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One of the images from my article, “Africa in Infrared” also made the cover of the August issue of Outdoor Photographer magazine! After spending more than a decade photographing exotic wildlife and tribes across the African continent, I found myself hitting a plateau. When specializing in a particular subject, area, or genre, it can be… Read more »

Lions-Africa-Safari-piper-mackay- TANSeptN882

Backgrounds are a crucial element of a successful photograph

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The background in your photo is crucial in making a powerful, successful image. You can have an exotic subject, an intense emotional connection, and stunning light, but if you have forgotten to look at your background, chances are the photograph becomes just a snapshot of something you found interesting. It’s just one of the essential… Read more »


Turkana Festival; incredible tribes of Northern Kenya

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I have finally made it back to Kenya and hope to catch up on some post before my safari season kicks off in a few weeks. This past May I took a small group of photographers with me  to the Turkana Festival and it was incredible this year! Whether you drop in by charter aircraft… Read more »


8-Page interview with Wild Planet Magazine

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Wild Planet Magazine recently interviewed me for their July issue. I love the title because I am so passionate about the power of light in an image. A few month back I had written a blog post about the Power of Light. It is was inspired me to create the Spirit-N-Light Workshops. Here is a… Read more »