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As photographers we see the world through the magic of our imaginations. For a lucky few, these visions are made real via weeks and weeks in the field, literally chasing the light from pole to pole. But the reality is that most photographers can steal away only a few weeks at a time. So a trip to an exotic location can be your photo experience of a lifetime – your one chance to capture the mesmerizing photographs that will stand out in a sea of imagery.

With that premise in mind, I wrote this book as a guide by your side so you can utilize the tips and insights I’ve culled from dozens of trips to extremely remote locations throughout Africa and other developing countries. It’s a photography truism that the difference between an average photograph of an extraordinary subject and an extraordinary photograph of an extraordinary subject is the work you put into before you click the shutter.  So inside are ideas and insights into lessons learned on how to connect with indigenous cultures, as well as simple ideas on lighting and composition techniques. All can be easily applied in minimal time.

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Pages: 55

5 Responses to “Dream, Plan, Go”

  1. Susan Quin Byrd

    Hi Piper, you are living one of my dreams. Wish I could be with you some of the times. I bought your online book. Anxious to read it when I return home from my art shows in Colorado and Wyoming. Received People’s Choice Award at Steamboat Springs art show and get free booth next year. Happy Trails. Susan Q Byrd

  2. Peter Geller

    Piper, Having spent some time with you in Africa I can’t wait to read your book. Your passion is infectious and completely intoxicating so I’m going to Dream Plan and Go to this book. I applaud your spirit and look forward to going out with you again in Africa. However, given the popularity of your tours I guess I will have to really plan ahead. Best wishes and happy holidays from a big fan. Pete Geller

  3. Patti Fritchie

    Piper MacKays book, “Dream, Plan, Go,” is a wonderful guide into making your photographs pop. It came out last year just before my safari to Kenya’s Masai Mara and I couldn’t wait to download it, read it and begin using the tips this wonderful photographer shared in her book. It has been a constant resource that I go to often to remind me to “see” in a different way and to create photographs that take your breath away. Thanks Piper for sharing your secrets and providing tips for us to use to become better photographers.
    Patti Fritchie

  4. Alisa Timurzieva

    Piper, fantastic book as well as pictures in the book and your photography!!!!
    Really the kind of inspiration I need right now! Thank you so much!!!
    Though I love wildlife and I’m not too much into cultures…I have enjoyed every bit of the book!!!
    Can’t wait to join you on the safari:)

  5. Mel

    HI Piper.

    I was trying to buy your ebook but the link doesn’t work? Any ideas?




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