Preparing for 80 days in Africa


This year is going to be the year I call a pan blur, as it has been ridiculously busy; filled with unexpected travel,  adventure and change.  I recently completed two back-to-back trips to East Africa, Kenya and Ethiopia, added in some domestic travel and will head back to East Africa on Thursday, for 80 days.  In between the craziness of the preparation, I have moments that I just want to jump up and down with excitement.

The journey will start in Kenya with a private “save the elephants” safari, followed by the Great Migration safari, Amboseli, extension and Best of Kenya Safari. In September I will journey over the boarder to Tanzania for another private safari. Then I will make a quick stop back through Kenya to visit a friend in Samburu for a few days of R&R. Lastly, I will be off to Ethiopia for my Tribes of the Omo and Best of the Omo Photo tours, with an extension to Lalibela in-between.

The last of my repaired gear has arrived along with a few new items that were certainly necessary. No really, some of it was! I needed some lens cleaner, sensor cleaner and swabs. Two 1TG External drives did not make me feel comfortable for 80 days in Africa so I grabbed a few more and opps somehow the canon 100 mm macro 2.8 L lens got into the bag; now my favorite portrait lens!

Seriously though, I have spent most of my time helping to prepare everyone who will be traveling with me. One of the things I enjoy most about what I do is bring others to one of the greatest wildlife and cultural destinations in the world! I have also been working hard on some exciting changes that are currently being implemented into my business. These changes will allow more time for me to focus on sharing, blogging, teaching, and creating inspiring images. I will also be exploring more new destinations to create exciting photographic adventures such as the Turkana Festival and Wildlife Safari 2015.

In the side bar at the top right of this post are the social media buttons, Facebook, twitter and Google+, where you can follow the 80 days in Africa. I am hoping to add an Instagram button before leaving. Internet allowing, I am optimistic that I can try to post to one or all, for everyday of the 80 days in Africa. I hope you will follow the journey.


4 Responses to “Preparing for 80 days in Africa”

  1. Milton Carlson

    Be safe and enjoy, looking forward to peeking over your shoulder as possible.

  2. Tom Silk

    How glorious! Your new camera arrived just in time. Hope you keep a journal also. Perhaps “The Elephant’s Brain.” Enjoy.

  3. manuel luis

    O seu trabalho é de louvar. Fico mais próximo da África onde vivi 22 anos em Angola. Continue com este carisma aventureiro.