Wisdom and Wine


At one time or another, you have probably visited the website of a highly successful photographer and thought that the work seemed rather mediocre compared to some of the jaw dropping imagery that is floating around out there these days. You may have even said, “My work is better that this.” Why are they so successful? The main answer is that being a successful professional photographer can have little to do with your photographic skills and everything to do with your business and marketing skills. You may not realize that the persons work you are looking at has a background in business, marketing, acting, radio, speaking, communications; all great skills for any successful business.

I am just a women who picked up a camera by accident and has fumbled her way through every hurdle to turn this passion and dream into a way of life. There is no road map or how to guide when it comes to building a successful photography business. The toughest part is managing the fire in our souls and monetizing the creativity. That is why I decided to put together a special, small afternoon event Wisdom and Wine on June 28th. This event is for anyone with a curiosity about wanting to become a working photographer, or those currently making the transition and perhaps struggling with it.

The group size is limited to 16 participants so we can have highly actionable discussion about making money with your photography. It will be an honest afternoon about pursuing a challenging dream with advice and ideas from someone living through all the challenges of making that dream a reality. We will have a short think tank session where anyone in the group can pitch an idea and the group can collaborate how to make it a success.

First comes the Wisdom followed by the Wine, with time to network and continue the inspiring conversations. You can view the details and topics here.

If you know some one who may want to join, use the share buttons at the bottom to tell them about it.

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If you just want to be inspired, stick around as things are about to get interesting.

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  1. Marion

    Really loved the article on backgrounds…I’m going out today and be aware!! …thanks!