No Black Friday here, but………..

Wait to see what happens in my newsletter on cyber Monday!!!!



Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving. It is one of my favorite American holidays. It is were we are almost forced to stop our too busy lives for just one day, reflect, and be grateful for all we are blessed with. There are so many things to be thankful for and at the top of that list is my family and friends who have continuously supported this crazy dream. That support allowed me to find the courage to take risk, keep taking them, and experience places and events on this earth beyond my wildest dreams. My hope is that everyone can experience the magic of Africa, so on Cyber Money, in my newsletter, I will be offering a couple of big, but limited,  discounts, on two of my trips in 2014. So enjoy the frenzy of Black Friday, catch your breath, and look forward to your mail on Monday.

2 Responses to “No Black Friday here, but………..”

  1. manuel luis

    Excelentes fotografias que me são familiares. Estive 22 anos em Angola e conheço estas cores.
    Obrigada pela aproximação à Africa.
    Boas festas para todos. Abraços