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Elder chinese woman screaming

A Picture Should Tell a Story

by Piper on • (13 comments)

I thought this photograph was very appropriate for how I am feeling 7 days prior to my departure to Kenya, where I will be for the next 6 months.

Just when the details of the itinerary were about finalized, I had an amazing email. I am honored to share with you that I have been asked to be a guest of ANAW (Animal Network for Animal Welfare) at the Africa Animal Welfare Action Conference 2010, which is being held in Nairobi, Sept 6-9.

camels in the Thar Desert, India

A personal message

by Piper on • (3 comments)

I am just 2 weeks away from and incredible journey and as you can tell by the date of my last post the list seems to be getting longer and time seems to be getting shorter. I started this new blog as a place for not only for photographers, but for everyone to be inspired to pursue a passion.

Massai Women with her children

Experience of Embedded Africa

by Piper on • (3 comments)

On Sept 1, 2010, for a min of 6 mo, I will be immersing myself into many of Kenya’s rural villages. I will be investing time to live among the wildlife and people whose stories I will be telling. I will be living their stories, using intimate powerful imagery to create a relationship between the audience and the photographic subjects as a means to communicate the needs that people and wildlife have on the other side of the world to people here who have a desire to fill that need