Tribal Expedition Northern Kenya

Join Me on an Awe-Inspiring Tribal Expedition!

Oct 29-Nov 10, 2018

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In my passionate tradition of taking risks that other companies would never consider in providing an incredible once-in-a-lifetime experience for adventurous photographers, I am offering 8 people the chance to join a real expedition! Your journey will give you intimate access to an incredible tribal experience in a fantastically remote area of Kenya rarely visited by foreigners or locals. It’s an adventure I would seek out in my own Land Rover. This area reminds me of what it was like to travel to the Omo Valley ten years ago, before tourism poured in.

Our off-the-grid expedition will follow roughly the same route that I drove in my Land Rover during the Generosity Campaign last year. We will start at the shores of Lake Turkana and head south through some of the most beautiful and pristine landscapes in Kenya, including a stunning umbrella acacia tree forest. Our journey will take us through the territories of the Rendile, northern Samburu, Turkana in the mid-western region, and the rarely visited Pokot tribe. We will be staying in the heart of all these communities, many of whom still live a nomadic lifestyle, and depending on the rains, we could witness the big trains of the camel herders.

Backed by a very experienced team in 4x4s, a large truck, and a staff of 7, who will also have local support, we will erect 3 mobile, tented camps in 3 of our 6 locations! Our team will provide us with a dinning canvas cabana and home-cooked meals, stand-up canvas tents with beds, a charging station for our gear, and 5-star service. Our camps will support the local communities along with the food and school supplies that we will donate to the local villages we visit.

El Molo tribe women standing in the village along the shore of Lake Turkana

We will be using the same fixers and local guides that I have used while doing my own work in this remote region, including trusted friends who understand precisely the kind of opportunities that photographers crave. I will be traveling with you at all times, offering as much photographic advice as you can absorb as well as guiding you through my own methods of shooting, especially in capturing stunning portraits using natural light.

In November 2018, I will be offering eight people the chance to join this awe-inspiring, life-enriching expedition for the serious photographer wanting a chance for a deeper experience beyond the normal photo tourist destinations. This is a specialist photo expedition for the adventurous type, and for this reason, I will be personally vetting participants for the trip. Traveling in true remote locations is very different from the “polished” off-the-beaten-path destinations where many other photo tours have visited in the past decade. Although we will be traveling with an experienced team and setting up true mobile, tented camps for comfort, not just dome nylon dome tents with a sleeping bag, and I have personal experience in all the areas we will visit, there will undoubtedly be times when patience and a sense of humor are necessary.

If you are interested in grabbing one of these eight spots and have traveled with me before, please send me a quick email.

If you have not previously traveled with me, please fill out this simple questionnaire (it is an easy fillable pdf) so that I may learn a little more about your travels and photography. Please email it to I will respond to your questionnaire within 72 hours.