Tribes of Northern Kenya


This November I will drive my Land Rover from Nairobi all the way up to the Ethiopian boarder, visiting many exotic tribes along the way. I will be bringing food to the tribes from the money raised from the Generosity Campaign project. Logistically I will also be planning an unforgettable remote tribal expedition to this region for a small group of 7-8 people in November of 2017.

The Turkana basin hosts a diverse group of tribal/ethnic people whose cultures have been preserved over the decades, if not centuries. The Omo River feeds Lake Turkana and the beautiful tribes along the Omo river continue down through this entire region. When you drop into the Turkana Basin, you know you are in a place where the road has been less traveled.

Throughout this life-enriching journey you will do more than visit several of the tribal villages at sunrise and sunset, but we will immerse ourselves into their culture and daily lives. We will join the warriors for ceremonial goat roasting parties at sunset, walk with the camel herders in the desert, dance with the Turkana along the shore of Lake Turkana, join the famous El Molo fishermen, partake in the hair-bun making of the Daasanach and much, much, more.

Your host, Piper Mackay has spent more than a decade photographing the beautiful tribes in Africa. She is passionate and serious about high quality images and will push hard to spend quality time in the field, but she also believes in providing an amazing, once in a lifetime, African experience. Beyond the image, you will have time to socialize with the tribes, learn about their traditions, daily lives, and hopes for the future.

If you are interest in joining this incredible remote tribal expectation in Northern Kenya and have traveled with me before, please send me a quick email.

If you have not previously traveled with me, please fill out this simple questionnaire so that I may learn little about you and your photography. Please email it to

Details should be available by the end of the year.