Generosity Campaign

Generosity Campaign Special Edition Print

Extremely Limited

Hand Beaded Leather border Canvas Prints

Proceeds to help Tribes

Only available until October 23

The Raffle is now closed. The winners will be posted shortly.

Direct Donations and Print Sales will remain open until Nov 10

The tribes throughout the African continent have greatly enriched my life. It is such a privilege for me to be able to travel to these remote areas, share incredible experiences with them, share my passion with the world and take you along on this creative journey. I wanted to find a small way to thank you.

In July I returned to Kenya with two copies of 7 of my prints, both wildlife, and tribes. I am working with a local Samburu woman who is hand beading a leather border around each of the signed canvas prints. These14prints are being used to raise money to bring food to the tribes of Northern Kenya in November.

It is my hope, with your generosity, that together we can brighten the lives of those who live with so little, yet add so much beauty to our world.

You may choose to support this project by purchasing one of the prints below, making a donation and having your name entered into a raffle to win one of the prints below, or simply making a direct donation.

If you wish to support this project, without being included in the raffle or purchasing a print, please use this button to make a donation of any amount

Elephant throwing up dust

Elephant Dusting

Elephant In Amboseli

Elephant in Amboseli


Lions In The Mara

 Lions in the Mara


Group of Giraffe on the plains

Tower of Giraffe


Rendille Women

Rendille Women

Turkana Girl

Turkana Girl


Samburu Warrior

Samburu Warrior

Print Raffle and Direct Purchase

One of each of the prints above is for the raffle, and the other is available for sale. More than a print, you will own a very special piece of artwork that was hand beaded in Africa.

Once a print, it is sold, it is gone, but you will still have an opportunity to own one of the hand beaded leather signed canvas prints by making a donation of $25 to the generosity campaign. For each donation of $25, your name will be entered to win the print under which the donation is made. You may make multiple donations under one print or across all seven prints.

Donations- 100% of a direct donation will be used to buy food for the tribes.

Raffled prints- 100% of the profits will be used to purchase food for the tribes.

Purchase prints- the proceeds will be used to cover the trip expenses, such as fuel, security, guides and accommodations. The balance of the profits will be used to purchase food for the tribes.

The raffle will close at midnight, Pacific Standard Time on October 23rd. The raffle will take place on October 25th at the Sunworld Safari Offices. A different member of the staff will draw one winning name for each of the seven prints being raffled. The winners will be contacted on Oct 26th.  I will hand carry these special prints back to the US and hopefully ship one to you by November 10th!  I will then return to Nairobi, Kenya to begin my drive all the way up to the Ethiopian border, bringing food to the tribes in the remote, barren region of Northern Kenya; Pokot, Rendile, Turkana, Daasanach, Samburu, and Elmolo.

PRINT DIMENSIONS – 12×18 inches, leather beaded boarder 1.5 inches, total canvas 17×23 inches **

Dimension of print are approximate as the beaded leather boarder is being done by hand in Kenya and not by a manufacture. The leather, beading, and canvas, will not be perfect because this piece of art is being created by hand in Africa and not by a western factory, but this is the beauty of the piece. 

**Shipping cost is not included in the cost of the print or with raffle donations.  The shipping cost will be quoted upon receiving shipping instructions from the buyer or winner of the print.

Logistical Support for Northern Kenya is provided by Sunworld Safaris.



Accommodations at Lake Baringo, home to the Potok, provided by Island Camp

Island Camp Logo

Thank you so much for your generous donation and support of these tribes

Larry Kerr
Jeff Thompson
Lynn Bowers
Joan Miller
Susan Flickinger
Eric Stoen
David Doyln
Cinthia Forsthoff
Freddie B Photography
Laura Hannusch
Walter Thomason
Larry Ehemann
Robert Schlatter
Marg Wood
Steve Boucher
Villa Sirena
Peter Bertilsson
Charlotte Waelde
Sherrie Auhll
Joyce Fuller
Christopher Ciccone
Geri Bauer
Carole de Beer
KG Clarke
Robert C Newman
Terri Gold
Deborah Harrison
Don  and Edie Robertson
Fred Bommer II
Miki Teixeira
Nanciellen Davis
Judith Fisher
Laura Hannusch
Sherry Peterson
Sally Thomson Photography
David Wild
Maurice Sanders
Peter Balunek
Chris Gordon
Terrie Gray
Mallory McComas
Wendy Birnbaum
Neil Nourse
Karyn Schiller
Sandra Seagroves
Barbara Schneiderhan
Carol Ohler
Marianna Baykova
Robert Schlatter
Emma Blee
Patricia Fritchie
David E Ikerd
Terry Granger
Steve Fujinaka
Myer S Bornstein
Susan Byrd
Stephanie Skiff
Sherrie Auhll
Lucinda C Loane
Jeff Wright
Ivy Gorden
Adrienne Parks
Terry Behm

Winners of the hand beaded canvas prints

The winners were drawn by the staff in the Sunworld office while my wonderful assistant Abigeal held the winning print

Generosity Campaign Elephant Dusting Winner

Elephant Dusting – Robert Schlatter

The winning name was chosen by Dave, an owner of Sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Elephant in Amboseli Winner

Elephant in Amboseli – Sandra Seagroves

The winning name was chosen by Leonard who is responsible for all the awesome guides at sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Lions in the Mara Winner

Lions in the Mara – Freddie B Photography

The winning name was chosen by Dave, an owner of Sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Tower of Giraffe Winner

Tower of Giraffe – Wendy Birnbaum

The winning name was chosen by Mohammed responsible for keeping all the vehicles in top shape at Sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Rendilie Women Winner

Rendille Women – Jeff Wright

The winning name was chosen by Joanne who tirelessly works on all my crazy itineraries at Sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Turkana Girl Winner

Turkana Girl – Terri Gold

The winning name was chosen by Rebecca who tirelessly works on creating everyone else’s itineraries at Sunworld Safaris

Generosity Campaign Samburu Warrior Winner

Samburu Warrior – Joan Miller

The winning name was chosen by Steve, appropriately a Samburu, and a top silver rated guide and for Sunworld Safaris


Thanks to your generosity we were able to deliver more than $6,000.00 in food to the remote tribal regions of Northern Kenya.