Artistic vision beyond the obvious

by Piper on • (3 comments)

FAR too often we get too caught up in the excitement of our subject to take a step back, take a deep breath, and allow our own artistic vision to flow. We arrive at an exciting destination and switch from artistic vision to, “getting the shot”. We travel half way around the world dreaming of… Read more »

How did the Canon 1DX perform…..

by Piper on • (13 comments)

How did the Canon 1DX perform on its matronly voyage to the Mara? Unbelievably Awesome! Kudos to Canon for rebuilding the AF system from the ground up. I have not been this happy with a “high speed” body, since the 1D Mark II, not to be confused with the 5D Mark II. Yes, the camera… Read more »

Canon or Nikon?

by Piper on • (26 comments)

I guess I kind of left you all hanging on what I decided; staying a Canon girl or crossing to the dark-side? Life has just been moving right along and then someone brought it up on FB a few weeks ago…. I giggled and said, “ Oh yeah, I forgot to tell everyone.” If you… Read more »