Africa Calling

by Piper on • (18 comments)

I had no idea, when I wrote about becoming a nomad for a year, how such a risky decision would turn out. In the modern world, we are conditioned to play it safe, work a real job, buy a house, save our money, and travel the world when we retire. Living in such an environment… Read more »

How did the Canon 1DX perform…..

by Piper on • (13 comments)

How did the Canon 1DX perform on its matronly voyage to the Mara? Unbelievably Awesome! Kudos to Canon for rebuilding the AF system from the ground up. I have not been this happy with a “high speed” body, since the 1D Mark II, not to be confused with the 5D Mark II. Yes, the camera… Read more »

It’s not about Gender; its about business.

by Piper on • (21 comments)

There is a very exciting new publication about to hit the market, “Female Photographer  Magazine”. When I posted this on my social media sites, there were some expected comments referencing that photography should not be about gender. My answer to that is, “You are correct, it should not be about gender”, but sadly, as a… Read more »