Heading back to the Omo Valley

Like no other place, the Tribes in the Omo Valley capture one’s soul and create memories that will be shared for decades, not to mention the stunning images. I know this to be true not just from my own experiences, but from the many of you who have traveled the world and joined me for a mind-blowing adventure there.

While recently viewing years of images, they stirred all the incredible memories of the unbelievable adventures I have had throughout this region. Beautiful tribal singing, rowing across the Omo River in hand carved canoes, getting stuck in the mud and behind streams that had become roaring rivers due to unexpected rains, watching the Suri pan for gold, having coffee in a hut with 20 tribal members, dancing at a bull jumping ceremony, having my face and body painted and covered in Ocar, entertaining guests at a special goat roasting ceremony, trying to help the women carry Jerry cans of water on my back, lots of laughter, long drives over bumpy dirt roads, and all of the other memories, which would take 10 pages to list. Through the years I became blessed to create some of the most heartfelt friendships a person can imagine. The tribes of the Omo Valley have enriched my life beyond what I could have ever imagined. I yearn to return, yet again.

Having spent this summer in Long Beach, the first in many years, it reaffirmed that when I am in these unique, remote places, my heart beats a little faster and the days are filled with excitement from sunrise until sunset.

Although I cannot coordinate a time in my schedule in 2018, I am so excited to announce that Ben McRae, who spends 4-5 months of his year in remote African tribal regions, will be leading a small group of 7 guests to the Omo Valley for me in October of 2018. It has been so hard to keep this a secret as we plotted and planned behind the scenes. He will be using my special crew and guides I have long established relationships with. We are setting up a very special proper canvas mobile-tented camp along the banks of the Omo River for an intimate experience with the Kara tribe, keeping true to the Piper Mackay brand; offering special photographic experiences rarely offered in other itineraries. Several of you have traveled with Ben and know how special this photographic experience will be!

This trip is at the top of the list for so many passionate photographers, and I am sure these seven spots will go quickly just from this announcement to those that follow the blog. View the itinerary and grab a spot! 

If you have been with me to the Omo and Northern Kenya, stay tuned as I venture into another incredible tribal region in the next 6 weeks!


4 Responses to “Heading back to the Omo Valley”

  1. giovanna

    HI Piper , This will come as no surprise , but Yes , I would like be apart of the 7 photographers. Please confirm we will be spending time with the Suri and Kara tribe as they are the two tribes I connected with the most and would love to return . Excited to be returning . Giovanna x

  2. Karin

    Hello Piper, very exciting news ! We were hoping and expecting your return to the Omo. Keep us posted about your endeavours, please 😉 ! Best regards, Karin


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