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National Geographic Traveler- Feature Article

by Piper on • (2 comments)

  In all the excitement of the “80 days in Africa”, coming back to the US for a few weeks to pack up, teaching  my Spirit-N-Light workshop, and then relocating to Kenya, I forgot to share some very exciting news!!!  Several months ago I woke up to an email from National Geographic Traveler Poland, yes,… Read more »

Arriving in Kenya

by Piper on • (38 comments)

  Last Wednesday, December 10th, 2014, I boarded the plane to Kenya, with 7 bags in tow.  This time it was not for a visit, but to relocate to Karen Nairobi, in Kenya.  As I passed through immigration, I was greeted with a smile and told next time I should be in the residency line,… Read more »