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Should I enter a Photo Contest?

by Piper on • (5 comments)

As photographers we are passionate about our craft and vision of the world around us. That makes us vulnerable as our passion has great influence on our business decisions. It will be one of the struggles you will have if you pursue your passion as a vocation. It is hard to step back, take your… Read more »

Catching Up

by Piper on • (2 comments)

Well this year just seem to run way, didn’t it? It seems just a month ago we were all thinking ahead about what 2012 would bring. Then January arrived and I was off and running like never before. I did not plan it this way.  It felt like I was holding onto the back bumper… Read more »

A Message from the Kara Tribe

by Piper on • (2 comments)

In America, Thanksgiving is such a wonderful holiday. We get to slow down for one day, be grateful for what we have, and think about all we are thankful for. I am so thankful for the day a camera fell into my hands and changed my world. The places I have discovered and the people… Read more »