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by Piper on • (38 comments)

The photography world has changed beyond anyone’s imagination with the evolution of digital and social media. There seems to be a whole new culture and I am very curious to hear all your opinions about these changes. I hope you will share your opinions through the comment section of this blog (just click the comment… Read more »

A Photographers Responsibility

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This will probably become one of my favorite photographs and in the  top 10 of portraiture photographs that I have captured. Every time I look at it I see a different meaning. To me, this is what makes a powerful image and why I say shoot what you love and shoot from the heart. I… Read more »

OUT OF BALANCE, and moving too fast.

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  I may ramble on a bit but if I don’t just sit down and start writing this time, another post may never happen.. so here goes….. I find it so easy to get out of balance especial in this past year. I get excited about too many opportunities and before I know it I… Read more »