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Giving Back; making a difference.

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I believe that great change can happen by one person who has been emotionally touched by a personal experience and people act with passion when they are emotionally and physically involved. Such is the case with an extraordinary man and photographer, John Rowe. I met John Rowe many years ago during a photo tour in… Read more »

10 Must do’s for a successful remote photographic expedition

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I have been busy preparing for my series of classes at Calumet…. Travel and editorial series….if you are in L.A. the first class is this saturday,  April 28 and will be jam packed with information, you can view the details here For those of you that are not in L.A. or are unable to attend… Read more »

Putting yourself out there

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It is really important to take advantage of having what is called “Face time” with the top experts in the industry and I want to really encourage all of you to take that step and put yourself out there. The Palm Spring photo Festival happens once a year (they also team up with PDN in… Read more »

It changed my life

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There really are no words to describe the journey that has taken place in my life since a professional camera accidentally landed in my hands in the winter of 2004. It was then that I decided to take my trip of a lifetime to Africa, a place I had longed to go since as long… Read more »