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I was excited all week to write this next blog post  since I am really trying to keep my personal commitment to  posting once a week,  but like all things in life,  time seems to run short,  which is the best lead in to the thoughts I want to share. I had hope to hit… Read more »

Staying Inspired

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Staying inspired is not always easy especially on the weeks when it seems all those great surprises in your in box last month seem to have stopped, and the voice in your head starts taking you down the path of doubts.  Living in LA provides me with so many great venues to avoid going into… Read more »


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It has been said that you become what you think about all the time, so keep thinking and keep dreaming. Life is messy and can create long moments of  meaningless day to day routines. We get stuck in a rut so to speak. At times we begin to think about the things we use to… Read more »


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Silence…..but now there are words. I have been rather silent lately and even though the words are few, I wanted to reconnect.  It’s hard to believe I have been back from the Omo Valley for almost 3 months already and I have not found the time to share more of my images and what an… Read more »