Monthly Archives: October 2010

Dropped 500

What happens when you drop your 500 ?

by Piper on • (5 comments)

What happens when you drop your 500……? keep Shooting, unless of coarse the glass shattered or it fails completely. I had spent 8 great days in the mara, so I decided to head to Amboselli. I had not been there and I was hoping to find big herds of elephants creating dust walking through the… Read more »

Color and texture of life

The color and texture of life, makes it interesting

by Piper on • (10 comments)

The color and texture of life, makes it interesting. Seldom is the path as straight as we planned, and this is especially true in a creative life.We have a vision, we follow our hearts, and a lot of the time that means learning the hard way, pushing through the disappointment, and following the winding road.You… Read more »

Rescuing an Elephant

by Piper on • (4 comments)

I actually wrote this about a week ago, but I am just able to get proper internet to upload it. I am so glad to finally be in the Mara, sitting in front of my beautiful Safari tent, taking a mid day break, just relaxing and listening to the beautiful sounds of Africa. This is… Read more »