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Turkana Festival and wildlife Safari 2015

Africa is a tapestry of ancient cultures, exotic wildlife and dramatic eco systems, which are mesmerizing for the eyes, mind, and soul. This photographic adventure is built around one of the most breathtaking tribal festivals in the world, while also visiting two of the top wildlife reserves in Kenya, and driving across the spectacular, legendary, Chalbi Desert.


May 1- Jun 1, 2015


Elephants, Migration, and Maasai - Kenya

This unique, semiprivate, safari was designed to offer an unforgettable, close up encounter with elephants, witness the great migration – one of the greatest wildlife photography experiences in the world, and interact with the iconic Maasai Tribe. Within 30 minutes of your arrival, you will find yourself in the wildlife environment you have traveled so far to enjoy, driving through Nairobi National park, filled with wildlife, on the way to your beautiful African style lodge.

1 spot open for single or 2 spots for shared accommodations.

Aug 12- Aug 23, 2015


Samburu Extension - African Safari 2015

Filled with large iconic acacia trees in a beautiful arid environment, Samburu Reserve evokes the traditional vision of, ’I Dream of Africa”. Lined with the dramatic Doom Palms, the Ewaso Nyiro River runs trough this stunning landscape and is the main water source for the wildlife.


Aug 23- Aug 27, 2015


Great Migration Safari - Kenya 2015

The Maasia Mara, during the migration, is arguably one of the greatest wildlife photography experiences on the planet. This safari takes the traditional migration photo safari to the next level by offering multiple locations in the Mara; staying on both sides of the Mara River and three nights in a private conservancy.

1 spot open - special price only for 2015

Aug 27- Sep 6, 2015


Tribes of the Omo Valley, Photo Tour 2015

This is a true photographic adventure into the remote region of southern Ethiopia’s Omo Valley; one of the most culturally rich tribal regions on the African continent. Inspired by their environment of wild trees, exotic flowers and lush vegetation these tribes use the clay soil of bright yellows, startling whites and rich earth-reds to paint each other’s bodies and make bold decisions about their outfits

SOLD OUT -wait list only

Oct 3- Oct 13, 2015


Gelada Baboon Extension 2015

The Simien Mountains are, quite simply, spectacular, with ridge after ridge of sculpted cliffs, extending to the horizon; home to the exotic Gelada Baboon and a world heritage site. At night, the Gelada drop over the edges to sleep huddled together on ledges, a strategy to avoid predation by leopards. Shortly after dawn, in beautiful morning light,  large troops, sometime several hundred strong, climb over the top and begin to feed, an extraordinary experience. Geladas are visually sticking with long golden manes, like a lion, and a big red heart on its chest.  “They cry out to be photographed.”


Oct 13- Oct 17, 2015


Best of the Omo Valley - Photo Tour 2015

An amazing adventure to the most exotic tribal rich rejoin in the world filled with filled with unbelievable photographic opportunities. We will travel both sides of the river including camping with the Suri tribe and flying back to Addis by private charter. Details coming soon. Email me to be put on the first contact list as this trip is limited to 7 participants and fills fast.

SOLD OUT - wait list only

Oct 17- Oct 30, 2015


Spirit-N-Light Intensive 2015

Piper Mackay and Laurie Rubin 

The Spirit-N-Light intensive workshop is designed to create stunning imagery with a concentrated focus on dramatic lighting, an element that can be the difference between a snapshot and a great shot. Having a strong focus on one element, with exciting subjects, in an inspiring environment, can have a great impact on learning your craft and quickly elevate your photography.


Nov 16- Nov 21, 2015


Exotic Ethiopia 2016

Tribes of the Omo , Lalibela, Gelada Baboons, Singing Wells, 16-Days!

January 2016

Visit the most exotic tribes in Africa, Lalibela during the incredible christmas ceremony, the  rare Gelada Baboons – found only in the Simians Mountains and the singing wells-rarely visited!

2 spots open

Jan 5- Jan 20, 2016



The best of the best!

This exciting safari takes you to the legendary Serengeti in Tanzania, during the birthing season of the migration, and then to the famous Maasia Mara in Kenya, during the Big Cat season.

Feb 17- Feb 28, 2016


Amboseli photo safari extension 2016

Extend your safari to include Amboseli. Capture stunning images of the large herds of Elephants and Zebra’s as they roam through the dusty plains. Photograph expansive views filled with giraffes and other exotic African wildlife with Mount Kilimanjaro as a backdrop.

3 spots open

Feb 28- Mar 3, 2016


Maasai Mara Big Cats Safari 2016


This time of year has become known as the Big Cat season and is one of the best-kept secrets in Africa. This is the off-season, when the migration is down south in Tanzania along with the tourists, but the predators remain behind and hungry. This allows us to spend quality time with these big cats, virtually undisturbed.

Mar 3- Mar 11, 2016


Wilds of Northern Namibia

Exotic wildlife, Desert Elephants, Himba, and the San Bushman

April/May 2016

Northern Namibia is filled with extraordinary photographic opportunities, unique to the wilds of Namibia. Track the rare Desert Elephants, Camp in the heart of Himba land, safari though Etoshia and visit the San Bushman.

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Dream, Plan, Go

A guide to creating mesmerizing images on a photographic journey of a lifetime. The difference between an average photograph of an extraordinary subject or location and an extraordinary photograph is the work and planning you put in before you click the shutter. Inside are insights and lessons learned from a decade of traveling in remote locations, including simple ideas on lighting and composition techniques.