Adventurous Travel for the Passionate Photographer

Where do you want to see the footprints of your life, when looking back through the moments you have captured?

An African safari is a large investment. Piper Mackay thoroughly understands this because she spent a decade, making multiple yearly trips, going back and forth from the US to the African continent before relocating to Nairobi, Kenya. She has spent thousands of hours photographing in the wildlife reserves and remote tribal areas, including driving herself, in her own Land Rover, to every corner of the renowned Maasai Mara, where she currently spends a lot of her time.

Specializing in creating the best photographic wildlife safaris and cultural tours, I put boots on the ground researching and investing time in each location offered in the below itineraries. I passionately strive to make sure you are able to maximize every photographic opportunity and have a more authentic African experience. You want to be confident of being in the right place at the right time, have qualified guides that understand your needs as a photographer, have freedom and flexibility that a small group ensures, and the experience of a lifetime.

Read about the experiences from past guest who have traveled with me in Africa. Testimonials 

Best of the Omo 2016

LAST CHANCE- by invitation

An amazing adventure to the most exotic tribal rich rejoin in the world filled with unbelievable photographic opportunities. We will travel both sides of the river, by private charter, including camping with the Suri tribe.  This will only be open to 7 photographers and will probably fill from the list.



Dec 5- Dec 17, 2016


Spirit-N-Light Spring workshop 2017


Horses and wranglers surrounded by majestic rolling hills

Immediately elevate your photography and ability to create compelling images. The Spirit-N-Light workshops are designed to teach photographers how to create stunning images, using dramatic natural lighting, an element that can be the difference between a mere snap shot and a great shot.


Mar 9- Mar 12, 2017


Wilds of Northern Namibia 2017

Exotic wildlife, Desert Elephants, Himba, and the San Bushman

April 1-15 2017

Northern Namibia is filled with extraordinary photographic opportunities, unique to the wilds of Namibia. Track the rare Desert Elephants, Camp in the heart of Himba land, safari though Etoshia and visit the San Bushman.


Apr 1- Apr 15, 2017


Turkana Festival and Wildlife Safari 2017

May/June 2017

Africa is a tapestry of ancient cultures, exotic wildlife, and dramatic ecosystems, which are mesmerizing for the eyes, mind, and soul. This first-class photographic safari is built around one of the most breathtaking tribal festivals in the world, while also visiting three incredible wildlife reserves in Kenya; a perfect mix of exotic wildlife and tribes in Africa.

1 spot open

Dust-N-Light 2017

Dust-N-Light 2017

Horses and wranglers surrounded by majestic rolling hills in the dusty dramatic summer light

Immediately elevate your photography and ability to create compelling images. The Spirit-N-Light workshops are designed to teach photographers how to create stunning images, using dramatic natural lighting, an element that can be the difference between a mere snap shot and a great shot.

Jul 26- Jul 30, 2017


Great Migration & Big Tusker Safari 2017

August 11-21 ,2017

This safari not only takes you into the greatest wildlife live reserve in Africa, during the height of the migration season, but includes photographing some of the largest elephant herds and biggest tusker in Kenya. Add the mountain gorillas to make this the Ultimate Great Migration Safari

Aug 11- Aug 21, 2017


Mountain Gorilla Extension 2017

August 21-25, 2017

Extend your  Safari to have an unforgettable, close up encounter with the critically endangered Mountain Gorilla’s in Rwanda. Walking along these gentle giants is the most exhilarating wildlife experiences in the world!

Aug 21- Aug 25, 2017


Great Migration Safari 2017

August 25-September 4, 2017

The Maasia Mara, during the migration, is arguably one of the greatest wildlife photography experiences on the planet. This safari takes the traditional migration photo safari to the next level by offering multiple locations in the Maasai Mara during the height of the migration; staying on both sides of the Mara River and directly in front of a main crossing point.

Aug 25- Sep 4, 2017


Botswana Premier 2017

October 2-13,2017

Botswana is one of the most sought-after premier wildlife photographic destinations in the world. This safari has been meticulously planned to cover three of the best wildlife locations, giving you the most diverse environments and the best variety of wildlife photographic opportunities in Botswana, including the Okavango Delta, Savuti, and the Chobe River.



Oct 2- Oct 13, 2017


Ultimate Africa Safari Experience

4 incredible destinations

October 2017

Best wildlife reserve in Africa, Exclusive up close Elephant Encounter on foot,  Semi Private reserve with off road driving, Unique tribal experiences, Talks from the top wildlife researchers in each location, Charter flights, and  Luxury accommodations.

Details Soon

Tribes of Northern Kenya


November 2017

Join Piper Mackay on an incredible remote tribal expedition to Northern Kenya; an under explored remote tribal territory that is home to the Turkana, Rendile, El Molo, Gabra, Daashanach, Borana, and Samburu Tribes. More than a photograph this will be a mind-blowing life enriching journey!

Private Customized Photo Safaris

If you prefer a privately lead photo safari or a customized itinerary built specifically to your photographic goals, myself, along with a team of specialist will help you with all the details. We have a large network throughout East Africa, including Ethiopia. Choose when to go, where to go, what to photograph, what to experience, how long to go, who to go with, and how much to spend. If interested, send me an email

Details Soon

Customized NON-Photographic Safaris

Do you dream about coming on an African Safari, a trip of a lifetime, with your friends and family, but your main goal is not all about photography? I have experience in wildlife, culture, and conservation in Africa and can help you create a unique African safari experience. If interested, send me an email.

Details Soon