Join me on and African photographic Safari…

More than a photograph, an experience. As you travel through the adventures of life creating stories for the rocking chair and capturing moments of a lifetime, stop and be in the moment. Where do you want to see the foot prints of your life when looking back through the photographs you have taken ?


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Great Migration Photo Safari, Kenya 2014

This is an African photographic safari that is especially timed for the annual wildebeest migration, known as the greatest wildlife show on earth. This safari is all about the photography with a focus on the migration crossing the Mara River. We will be staying at two different locations in the Mara as well as at a private reserve with fewer vehicles, where we can drive off road, and at go out on night game drives. Having multiple locations in the Maasai Mara will allow you to achieve a solid portfolio of images.

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Aug 17- 27, 2014
Amboseli Extension Thumb

Amboseli extension/pre-tour

Amboseli is one of the most amazing ecosystems, containing vast herds of elephants, marsh wetlands, and dust tunnels that move through the landscape. Capture stunning images of the large herds of Elephants and Zebra’s as they roam through the dusty plains.


Aug 27 – Aug 31, 2014

Kenya Lion

Kenya Wildlife Photo Safari 2014

This photo safari is designed to take you into the heart of Kenya’s best photographic regions, including the Maasia Mara during the migration season. It is an extraordinary opportunity to photography East Africa's most phenomenal wildlife, come home with an amazing diverse portfolio of images, and have an experience of a lifetime.


August 31 - September 11, 2014

Tribes of the Omo

Tribes of the Omo

An amazing adventure to the most exotic tribal rich rejoin in the world filled with unbelievable photographic opportunities. Details coming soon. Email me to be put on the first contact list as this trip is limited to 7 participants and fills fast.


September 28,- October 09, 2014

Lalibela Extension

Home to over 1,000 priest, who can be found wondering through a maze of tunnels and passages that connect the stoned carved underground churches. This is one of Ethiopia’s holiest cities; a timeless and almost biblical atmosphere. It would almost be a sin to come to Ethiopia and not take a few days to fly up north for a visit. This is the most popular northern extension that past participants have requested.


October 09-12, 2014


Best of the Omo

An amazing adventure to the most exotic tribal rich rejoin in the world filled with filled with unbelievable photographic opportunities. We will travel both sides of the river including camping with the Suri tribe and flying back to Addis by private charter. Details coming soon. Email me to be put on the first contact list as this trip is limited to 7 participants and fills fast.


October 12 - 25, 2014
Piper Mackay - Spirit and Light Advanced Workshop

Spirit-N-Light Advanced workshop

The Spirit-N-Light workshops were designed to create stunning imagery with a concentrated focus on dramatic lighting; an element that can be the difference between a snap shot and a great shot. Having a strong focus on one element, with exciting subjects, in an inspiring environment, can have greater impact on learning your craft and quickly elevating your photography.


Nov 9- 13, 2014

The 2015 itineraries are coming in July!

If you would like to be on the first contact list, please click on any of the above sold out tours that you are interested in. Scroll down to the bottom of the itinerary and you will find a link to place your name on the interest list. Those on the first contact list will receive the itinerary in advance and have an opportunity to sign up prior to the tour going live on the website.

Photo Tour India Thumbnail

Colors of India-Two Incredible Festivals

Deborah Sandige & Piper Mackay

Rajasthan is the most colorful, traditional, vibrant and exotic area of India. This incredible itinerary includes two elaborate festivals. One is amidst the dramatic background of the golden sand dunes in the surreal Thar Desert; the other is at the Ahhicharagarh Fort, which will be lit with hundreds of candles each night. These festivals alone, would be enough to fill your hard drives with exotic imagery, but we also included….


January 31- February 15, 2015

Varanasi Extension – January 28 -31, 2015


Spirit-n-Light 2015

This workshop is designed to create stunning imagery with a focus on dramatic lighting, while photographing cowboys/girls, horses, and cattle, on a true working ranch. The wranglers will run the horses through the majestic landscape creating loads of photographic opportunities for action shots, clouds of dust, and silhouettes at sunset. There will be continuous opportunities to photograph all aspects of ranch life including working the cattle, roping, portraits, and close-ups.

4 spots left

March 12-March 15, 2015
Dream Plan Go (eBook)

Dream, Plan, Go

A guide to creating mesmerizing images on a photographic journey of a lifetime. The difference between an average photograph of an extraordinary subject or location and an extraordinary photograph is the work and planning you put in before you click the shutter. Inside are insights and lessons learned from a decade of traveling in remote locations, including simple ideas on lighting and composition techniques.

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