Photo Safari Information

An African safari is the ultimate experience, both photographically and personally.  I have yet to meet a person who has gone on an African safari and does not long to return. Africa has the most concentrated exotic wildlife on the planet with non-stop action and beauty. All levels of photographers will thrive in such an extraordinary environment. The words I hear most often from the participants is “This was the greatest thing I have ever done!”

The pressures of the modern world are having great impact on this continent. If you have dreamed of going on an African Safari for many years, I would not put it off any longer.

I offer three types of  photo safaris;


The Migration  photo Safari –

This is a safari for the serious wildlife photographer whose main goal is to “get the shot” and come home with as many dynamic images as possible. The Maasai Mara is the Mecca of Africa with the highest concentration of predators and wildlife any where in the world. We spend 9-10 full days in three different locations in the Masai Mara during the height of the migration season. The locations are chosen to increase our chances of getting a huge crossing of the Mara River from both sides and a stay in a private reserve for off road driving with fewer vehicles. There is a higher concentration on photographing the predators and the big cats. We will push hard on this safari to seek out every photographic opportunity.  We are out in the field longer and there may be days when we stay out all day. This safari is geared more for the advanced and serious wildlife photographer with a goal to capture the award-winning images you see in Natures Best or the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year. I generally offer an extension to another park, with this safari.


A Multi-location  photo safari

These safaris are for the photographer who wants to have a more diverse photographic experience in Africa. These safaris tend to be more luxurious flying between locations. The goal of these safaris is to experience and capture a wider variety of animals, landscapes, ecosystems and culture. This is for the photographer who wants to come home with a more complete portfolio of compelling images of Africa. There is usually more time for instruction and image review and this is a great safari for all levels of photographers and non-photographer friends and spouses.

An example of this type safari is “The Best of Kenya”. This safari goes to; Amboseli, – best known for its great herds of elephants and Zebra’s in the dust with Mount Kilimajaro in the background, Samburu –  an arid landscape, home to the rare Gravy Zebra, Reticulated Giraffe, Oryx, and the Samburu tribe, and the Masai Mara – during the height of the migration season, famous for its big cats.


A species or behavioral specific photo safari

These safaris are more for the photographer that has been on one of the other two safaris and is seeking dynamic compelling images that fewer photographers have.

An example of a species-specific safari would be the Mountain Gorillas in Rwanda, the Ethiopian Wolfe and Gelada Baboons, or the wild dogs. Here the main focus is to capture unique quality images of one or two animals whose habitat is only in one or a few select areas. They tend to be critically endangered and less photographed making the images highly sought after.

An example of a behavioral specific safari would be the lions crossing the Okavango Deltas or two elephant groups crossing the river, meeting in the middle and fighting in the water.  These type behaviors are generally confined to a specific area. These images are for extreme impact, the “wow” factor. This type safari concentrates on capturing those one of a kind images that takes more effort, time and patients.

Beyond the images, the safaris offer a very special and extraordinarily experience!