Dropping into a National Geographic wildlife documentary

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If you ever dreamed of being dropped into the middle of a National Geographic wildlife documentary film, then come on safari to the Maasai Mara! Not only are the drama, suspense, action and excitement far beyond your expectations, but chances are that you will be sitting along side a film crew and the top wildlife… Read more »

A photographer’s life in the Bush – What a week!

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Well, you can say, “It has been one of those weeks.” Those wonderful, “African Rains”, of which everyone dreams and Toto sings, have made a huge mud pit of the Mara, and it is the dry season!!   At one point in my life, I thought it would be amazing to tough out the mess during… Read more »

TOO many vehicles in the Mara, really?

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I am always curious about a person when I receive an email, or read a comment complaining about too many vehicles in the Mara. I often wonder what their personal motivation is behind discouraging others from coming to one of the most renowned wildlife reserves in the world, a reserve immortalized by countless BBC and… Read more »

Living with Lions

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A gentle wind blows across the plains as prides of lions lie in the shade of the acacias, waiting patiently in anticipation. At any moment now, a dust cloud will gather over the horizon, as thousands of wildebeest thunder through the tall grasses of the Maasai Mara; marking the arrival of the Great Migration. During… Read more »

Experience the Extraordinary

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“The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.” ― Eleanor Roosevelt   It is the adventures and experiences that create the excitement that feeds one’s soul. When life starts to feel mundane, it is time to take… Read more »

Amazing Amboseli

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I recently return from another magical safari in Kenya. There are  so few experiences in life that go beyond ones expectations, but Africa seems to deliver on this,  over and over again. Amboseli, known for its mass herds of elephants, is one of my favorite National Parks in Kenya.This years trip  was simply amazing.  My… Read more »

A Red Letter Day

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Well it has been a crazy couple of months, starting with the opening of my show at G2 gallery on May 21. I was honored to have many of you there on the opening night. I think all the seeds I was busy planting at the beginning of the year all sprouted at the same… Read more »

E-Newsletter Announcement.

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It’s hard to believe that I will be back in the US in three weeks. I left the US with the unrealistic expectations that I would be able to post and share some stories along the way, but it has been non-stop since I touched down in Ethiopia on Feb 2. I did not have… Read more »

National Geographic Maybe

National Geographic, Maybe….

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About a week ago I was on the National Geographic website doing some research and on a fluke clicked on the best shots photo gallery. They were requesting to upload your best animal shot, so I grab an image, uploaded it and forgot about it. Then last week I received and email, which I thought… Read more »

Miracle in the Mara

Miracle in the Mara

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I am asked often, “Why do you keep going back the Massai Mara in Kenya?” The pictures below could answer that question without any words, but I love the Mara because of the Big Cats. Although the changes of the western world are affecting this amazing wild place at an alarming rate, being there during… Read more »