Are you shooting on Auto White Balance?

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Have you ever uttered the words, “I can do that later in Photoshop?” I hear versions of this phrase often and even worse is, “I can fix it in Photoshop.” STOP! Have you ever shot next to someone, looked in the back of his or her camera, and said, “Wow, my image doesn’t look like… Read more »

Artistic vision beyond the obvious

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FAR too often we get too caught up in the excitement of our subject to take a step back, take a deep breath, and allow our own artistic vision to flow. We arrive at an exciting destination and switch from artistic vision to, “getting the shot”. We travel half way around the world dreaming of… Read more »

Wisdom and Wine

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At one time or another, you have probably visited the website of a highly successful photographer and thought that the work seemed rather mediocre compared to some of the jaw dropping imagery that is floating around out there these days. You may have even said, “My work is better that this.” Why are they so… Read more »

Keep it Simple

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Gear, gear, and more gear, does not create compelling images. Your passion for what you are photographing is what will create those “WOW” images; the ones that pop off a page from a stream of thousands. With access to so much content these days, it is easy to view hundreds of photographers work. You discover a… Read more »

Save the Dates

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There are several exciting photography events, throughout the Los Angles and Orange county area’s in Southern California, happening in the next few months.   Many of these events are free or at a very low cost.  This is a great way to connect with like minded passionate photographers and get inspired. I  am excited to… Read more »

The power of light is the power in your photographs

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Creating a stunning photograph is all about how you see and capture light. Lighting is one of the main differences between a snap shot and a great shot. I still remember being out on one of my first safaris with professional photographers where they were discussing how quickly the light went flat; I was baffled…. Read more »

Paying for Photographs

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This is a question that comes up often in the comments of my post on FaceBook and Google+, particularly when I am posting photographs of the tribes in Africa. There is no one single right answer to this question; every situation is different. I know this is a topic many photographers struggle with, so I… Read more »

Face to Face

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Although we are connected through the Internet, it still does not replace the power of meeting and interacting face to face. It is easy, inexpensive, and takes less time to network through social media sites, so people are not investing time and money to network in person. Attendance at traditional venues where people use to… Read more »

An important first step

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One of the most important steps for you to advance your photography is to have your work reviewed. One on one targeted feedback on your images from talented professionals can help shape your future as a photographer and will provide invaluable business connections. Don’t focus on the fear of showing your work and having it… Read more »

Let the Adventure Begin…..

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They say it is more exciting to get ready for the party than the party itself. I agree with this especially when planning an adventure to an exotic location in a distant land. The camera has been the greatest excuse to justify hopping onto a plane and flying off to that place I have been… Read more »