Wisdom and Wine

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At one time or another, you have probably visited the website of a highly successful photographer and thought that the work seemed rather mediocre compared to some of the jaw dropping imagery that is floating around out there these days. You may have even said, “My work is better that this.” Why are they so… Read more »

It’s not about Gender; its about business.

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There is a very exciting new publication about to hit the market, “Female Photographer  Magazine”. When I posted this on my social media sites, there were some expected comments referencing that photography should not be about gender. My answer to that is, “You are correct, it should not be about gender”, but sadly, as a… Read more »

Face to Face

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Although we are connected through the Internet, it still does not replace the power of meeting and interacting face to face. It is easy, inexpensive, and takes less time to network through social media sites, so people are not investing time and money to network in person. Attendance at traditional venues where people use to… Read more »

An important first step

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One of the most important steps for you to advance your photography is to have your work reviewed. One on one targeted feedback on your images from talented professionals can help shape your future as a photographer and will provide invaluable business connections. Don’t focus on the fear of showing your work and having it… Read more »

Should I enter a Photo Contest?

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As photographers we are passionate about our craft and vision of the world around us. That makes us vulnerable as our passion has great influence on our business decisions. It will be one of the struggles you will have if you pursue your passion as a vocation. It is hard to step back, take your… Read more »