One Life; Dream it, Chase it, Live it.

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If I were practical, I would not be a photographer living in Kenya. I have always been a dreamer and a dream chaser. For weeks, I went through the grief between practical and heart racing as I traveled through Kenya and came in and out of Nairobi. Those of you that have traveled with me… Read more »

Facing the Fear

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Letting it work in your favor Uncertainty and the “what ifs”, is a sure way to stay in the safety net. The defining moment of your life will be when you chose to become uncomfortable by getting out of your comfort zone and taking a risk. “Fear never drives us forward the same way it… Read more »

Should I enter a Photo Contest?

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As photographers we are passionate about our craft and vision of the world around us. That makes us vulnerable as our passion has great influence on our business decisions. It will be one of the struggles you will have if you pursue your passion as a vocation. It is hard to step back, take your… Read more »

A Red Letter Day

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Well it has been a crazy couple of months, starting with the opening of my show at G2 gallery on May 21. I was honored to have many of you there on the opening night. I think all the seeds I was busy planting at the beginning of the year all sprouted at the same… Read more »

OUT OF BALANCE, and moving too fast.

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  I may ramble on a bit but if I don’t just sit down and start writing this time, another post may never happen.. so here goes….. I find it so easy to get out of balance especial in this past year. I get excited about too many opportunities and before I know it I… Read more »

Creating your road map

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I had a lot of positive responses from my last two post and thought this would be a useful continuation on reaching your goals and making a transition to pursue your passion. The thought of creating a business plan can seem very daunting and perhaps debilitating when you find a passion that you must pursue… Read more »