Are you guilty of chasing the photograph?

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Today, more than ever, it seems photographers can’t resist the temptation to chase the photograph. With the digital age and Internet, we now have access to millions of images a day, instead of a few thousand each month, printed on the glossy pages of magazines. We see a stunning image and we instantly think, “I… Read more »

Off the Grid in a Soulful Place

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“That area is unsafe, the roads are terrible, the people are dangerous, and you should not go.” When I hear these comments, it draws my interest to a place, one that was most likely sparked by an image I viewed that made my heart pound with curiosity and possibility. These were the comments I heard… Read more »

Stunning Exhibits by Joan Miller and Terri Gold

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Greetings from Namibia. We have not had much internet so I am keeping this short, but I wanted to let you know of two wonderful exhibits, which I will sadly miss as I will be in Africa during both of these exhibits.   Vanishing Tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley by Joan Miller At the On… Read more »


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Botswana is one of the most sought-after premier wildlife photographic destinations in the world. I first visited the Chobe River back in 2005. Being on a boat, photogrpahy and seeing the elephants swim by one shore to the other at eye level, has remained one of my top expereinces in Africa. It took me 10 years… Read more »

Travel Africa – double page spread of the Turkana Tribe

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It is an honor to share that one of my images of the Turkana Tribe is gracing the pages of Travel Africa Magazine this quarter (page 4&5); the most prestigious travel magazine about Africa. This image was captured last year during the Turkana Festival. I have been visiting this tribe for the last four years… Read more »

Holi Festival India

The most stunning images of Holi I have ever seen!

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  Jassi Oberai, whom I am teaming up with for the sold out Incredible India Tour, just returned from the Holi Festival ceremonies in India with the most incredible images I have seen. Photographs that make one’s heart beat faster and go right to the soul. Photographs that make you feel as though you are… Read more »

Horse photography workshop

New, Spirit-N-Light it up Workshop, Announced!

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We are taking the Spirit-N-Light workshop to the next level and adding two days of teaching simple flash techniques to greatly improve your image making skills! This is a workshop to challenge yourself, grow your creative vision, and transcend your photography beyond what you have imagined. Do you want to create more meaningful images than a surface… Read more »

Gelada baboons lit with flash

Are you using flash; if not, why not?

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When I first picked up a camera, I did not even know what it meant when someone said, “the light has gone flat,” and I would not want to complicate it even more by using a flash! When most of us started on our photographic journeys, we understood there was good light, bad light, and… Read more »

Incredible India photo tour camels in the desert

Incredible India Photo Tour 2018 Announced

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Striking exotic desert landscapes, legendary cities, bustling markets, vibrant festivals, a kaleidoscope of color, and home to the Bengal Tiger, India is a spectacular photographic destination. During my first adventure to India, over a decade ago, I was on sensory overload. Believe it or not, when I first picked up a professional camera, I explored… Read more »

Are you shooting on Auto White Balance?

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Have you ever uttered the words, “I can do that later in Photoshop?” I hear versions of this phrase often and even worse is, “I can fix it in Photoshop.” STOP! Have you ever shot next to someone, looked in the back of his or her camera, and said, “Wow, my image doesn’t look like… Read more »