Horse photography workshop

New, Spirit-N-Light it up Workshop, Announced!

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We are taking the Spirit-N-Light workshop to the next level and adding two days of teaching simple flash techniques to greatly improve your image making skills! This is a workshop to challenge yourself, grow your creative vision, and transcend your photography beyond what you have imagined. Do you want to create more meaningful images than a surface… Read more »

Gelada baboons lit with flash

Are you using flash; if not, why not?

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When I first picked up a camera, I did not even know what it meant when someone said, “the light has gone flat,” and I would not want to complicate it even more by using a flash! When most of us started on our photographic journeys, we understood there was good light, bad light, and… Read more »

Incredible India photo tour camels in the desert

Incredible India Photo Tour 2018 Announced

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Striking exotic desert landscapes, legendary cities, bustling markets, vibrant festivals, a kaleidoscope of color, and home to the Bengal Tiger, India is a spectacular photographic destination. During my first adventure to India, over a decade ago, I was on sensory overload. Believe it or not, when I first picked up a professional camera, I explored… Read more »

Are you shooting on Auto White Balance?

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Have you ever uttered the words, “I can do that later in Photoshop?” I hear versions of this phrase often and even worse is, “I can fix it in Photoshop.” STOP! Have you ever shot next to someone, looked in the back of his or her camera, and said, “Wow, my image doesn’t look like… Read more »

Remembering Rhinos; an incredible launch

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I am thrilled to announce one of my images has been chosen to be apart this great project and beautiful book. It is an incredible honor to sit among so many talent well known photographers whose work I greatly admire. Remembering Rhinos will be a beautiful coffee table book, created with the aim of raising funds to fight rhino… Read more »

February 7, I will be speaking in Arizona

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Are you near Scottsdale or Phoenix Arizona?   On the morning of February 7, 2017 I will be speaking at the Mustang Library in Scottsdale for the  Digital Imaging Group In the evening of February 7,2017 I will be speaking in Fountain Hills at the Fountain Hills Photography club I will be focusing on the 4… Read more »

4 Elements of a Successful Image

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Learning how to manipulate your camera settings to help create dramatic lighting, alter backgrounds, make an image moody, or add a sense of motion, gives you the power to create a unique artistic style. The real art of photography is in the way you connect and capture the story of what you experience and how… Read more »

This nomad has landed

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This nomad has officially landed after being on the road for 14 consecutive months. It was not planned; life just kind of happened. You can read more about the beginning from my blog post, “Africa Calling.” Living out of a suitcase was very convenient as I led over 11 safaris last year, not including the… Read more »

The Generosity Expedition Begins

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The Generosity Expedition, an extraordinary journey across much of northern Kenya, all the way to the border of Ethiopia, begins today! I have put up a simple map, with an estimate of our route, to show you the ground we will cover in just two short weeks. The Landy has been prepped over the past… Read more »

If you are only choosing one

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If you are only choosing one, then you must choose this one! Whether you have watched Out of Africa, viewed The Lion King, seen exotic documentaries from National Geographic or grew up watching Born Free and Wild Kingdom, it is easy to become completely captivated by the African savannah, the big game that roams some… Read more »