Photography Making a Difference- Saving Rhinos

Several years’ back I shot this interview for a project that has deep personal meaning in the message of my own photography. The project did not move forward so this piece was filed in the archives. This past year I was invited to donate a print to a critically important book and project; Remembering Rhinos. Last week we received the images of the Remembering Rhinos book going to press, which has also inspired me to share the message of Saving Rhino’s.

Remembering Rhino's book at the publisher

Remembering Rhinos is the second book project founded by Margot Raggett; the first was Remembering Elephants. These books are a collection of beautiful photographs donated by top wildlife photographers in a massive team effort to raise funds to protect a critically endangered species. The funds from Remembering Rhinos will help support the Wilderness Foundation Africa, Saving the Survivors, and to the Born Free project in Kenya to ambitiously double the size of the rhino sanctuary in Meru. From the sales of this beautiful book we are on track to raise more than $200,000.00 this year. The official launch date of the book is October 30th and there is still time to pre-order a copy.


Here is the kickstarter video where you can learn more about Remembering Rhinos


The gallery launch of the exhibit is is on Oct 31st in London, followed by the Royal Geographic Society launch on November 1st. Johan Marals, the vet and founder of Saving the Suvivors will be speaking along with former Wildlife Photographer of the Year Steve Winter. This going to be a magical evening and many of the photographers who donated images to the book will be in attendance for the book signing. If you are in London or traveling through the area tickets are still available.

We have the power in our hands to protect our wildlife for the next generation.

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