Stunning Exhibits by Joan Miller and Terri Gold

Greetings from Namibia. We have not had much internet so I am keeping this short, but I wanted to let you know of two wonderful exhibits, which I will sadly miss as I will be in Africa during both of these exhibits.


Vanishing Tribes of Ethiopia’s Omo Valley

by Joan Miller

At the On the Waterfront Gallery in  Apalachicola, Florida



Still Points in a Turning World 

by Terri Gold

At the Salomon Arts Gallery in NYC



I have had the privilege  of traveling with both of these photographers several times. Both of these exhibits will  be very inspiring. Joan Millers work in the Omo will be presented in both black and white, and color.  Terri Golds tribal exhibit is all shot in Infrared. She also waxes many of her prints. If I had been in the US, I would have made every effort to be at each of these opening nights! Although Joan’s exhibit opened on March 31, it runs through April 29th. Terri Golds opening is on April 19th and will be an amazing evening.

4 Responses to “Stunning Exhibits by Joan Miller and Terri Gold”

  1. Dale Davis, M.D.

    Joan Miller’s Omo River images are stunning. I know her personally, and came very close to attending the same workshop but was unable. Now, of course, I am so envious of not having that great opportunity , but vicariously, have enjoyed Joan’s works through e-mail and personally. Joan captures the essence of these proud people, their pride in their face and body paintings, and their challenging environment in which they have survived. It is a pleasure to see her works.

  2. Nancy Moon

    I am attending Terri’s show in NYC. I think her work is terrific and did not know she had gone with you, Piper, to OMO Valley! I have to ask her about it since your workshop has been on my wish list! I just looked at Joan Miller’s work too, both are fabulous.

  3. Annette Bonnier

    The shows you highlighted are wonderful. Congratulations to all. I’ve seen Joan Miller’s work in person and it is magnificent. She has a beautiful sensitivity to the people she photographs! Wonderful.