Travel Africa – double page spread of the Turkana Tribe

It is an honor to share that one of my images of the Turkana Tribe is gracing the pages of Travel Africa Magazine this quarter (page 4&5); the most prestigious travel magazine about Africa. This image was captured last year during the Turkana Festival. I have been visiting this tribe for the last four years and they honored my group with a special dance performance on the ledge of lake Turkana. Those of you who followed the Generosity Campaign may recognize the beautiful young women 5th from the left. A beautiful printed portrait of her was used to raise money to bring food to the tribes in the north. They were overwhelmed by the kindness of those who donated to the project. I am excited I will be seeing them again in a month, at the Turkana Festival 2017. 

4 Responses to “Travel Africa – double page spread of the Turkana Tribe”

  1. Murray McCallum

    Glad to see your excellence and passion rewarded, Piper. And I am thrilled to have been there with you.