New, Spirit-N-Light it up Workshop, Announced!

We are taking the Spirit-N-Light workshop to the next level and adding two days of teaching simple flash techniques to greatly improve your image making skills! This is a workshop to challenge yourself, grow your creative vision, and transcend your photography beyond what you have imagined.

Horse photography workshop

Do you want to create more meaningful images than a surface level impression of an incredible subject? It’s easy to create stunning photographs that grab a viewer, but like everything in life, it takes work, or what many photographers call a labor of love. Sadly, most people today do not want to make sacrifices, but expect instant results; in actuality, they are just holding themselves back from creating work that matters. They rush all over the world, taking snapshots of where they were, rather than capturing a heart-full, emotional story of their experience.

Understanding how to see, work with, and manipulate light is one of the most important tools a photographer can use to create dynamic photographs that capture the viewer. Yet, grasping the technical side of natural light and artificial light (flash) is challenging, takes practice, and is what usually holds back most people. This is why we have created this amazing teaching workshop in an inspiring environment with interesting subjects. Focusing intensely on one important element over several days, hands-on, can have a great impact on immediately elevating your photographic skills.

If you are at the point in your photography where you’re hungering to create images that go to one’s soul and move past the simplistic approach of, “good light” and “bad light”, then join us for this “mind blowing” workshop.


Below are a few sets of images showing the power of using fill flash. In the first image no flash was used; the darks are too dark to recover in post making the image unusable. In the second image simple fill flash was used allowing the background to be exposed correctly and the detail to be seen in the subject.

These last two images were made using off camera flash

3 Responses to “New, Spirit-N-Light it up Workshop, Announced!”

  1. becky bolen

    Can’t make this workshop, will you offer flash at your Spring or other workshops?