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Horse photography workshop

New, Spirit-N-Light it up Workshop, Announced!

by Piper on • (2 comments)

We are taking the Spirit-N-Light workshop to the next level and adding two days of teaching simple flash techniques to greatly improve your image making skills! This is a workshop to challenge yourself, grow your creative vision, and transcend your photography beyond what you have imagined. Do you want to create more meaningful images than a surface… Read more »

Gelada baboons lit with flash

Are you using flash; if not, why not?

by Piper on • (4 comments)

When I first picked up a camera, I did not even know what it meant when someone said, “the light has gone flat,” and I would not want to complicate it even more by using a flash! When most of us started on our photographic journeys, we understood there was good light, bad light, and… Read more »