Remembering Rhinos; an incredible launch

I am thrilled to announce one of my images has been chosen to be apart this great project and beautiful book. It is an incredible honor to sit among so many talent well known photographers whose work I greatly admire.

Remembering Rhinos will be a beautiful coffee table book, created with the aim of raising funds to fight rhino poaching and protect this endangered species. All images will be generously donated by some of the world’s top wildlife photographers, ensuring it will be a stunning and collectable tribute. It is the follow up to Remembering Elephants and a must-buy for anyone who bought that book.

I hope you will join the hundreds who are supporting this important project. In the fist 24 hours on Kickstarter, Remembering Rhinos raised double their goal.

15 Responses to “Remembering Rhinos; an incredible launch”

    • Piper

      Deborah, this first selection was by invitation from the project founders, but I believe they will be running a contest where you will be able to submit your images. From the submissions they will select 10 more images for the book. I will make a note to send out a blog post about it, but you can also follow Remembering Rhino’s and be sure to get all the updates and announcements –

  1. Anita Ross

    Congrats on being a part of remembering rhinos Piper!!! What an honor!! I’m going to buy both books!! I hope to go back to Kenya one day! It was like stepping into another world, so magical!! My dream would be to stay for a month. Take care😊

    • Piper

      Thank you Anita!!! I am sure you will find your way back to Africa soon. It is an incredible continent and I highly urge you to explore new territory! This year I was in Mana Pools, Zimbabwe and the light was some of the most magical I have seen. I also spent time in Botswana on the chobe river as well as multiple locations in Kenya. I am soon off to Namibia, another Africa country you would find fascinating!! Go and explore!

  2. bobbie

    CONGRATS …what a fantastic project I only wish I could have donated images for this
    worthwhile and magnificent effort to help save the Rhinos. Are there more books planned for this series
    if so, how do I get involved in the project look forward to hearing from you
    hope all is going great for you You are a star!!!!!!!!
    x0x bobbie

    • Piper

      Hello Bobbie. Thank you! It is always great to see you pop in. This is actually the a follow up to the Remembering Elephants project. The book was stunning! You can still purchase it. They are offering a good deal if you order both books from the kickstarted project. They are planning to have a contest where you would be able to submit your images and I am sure they would love your work. From the submissions they will select 10 more images for the book. I will make a note to send out an announcement about it, but you can also follow Remembering Rhinos and be sure to get all the updates and announcements –

  3. Vaughn Hart

    What a great privilege and honor to be invited to share your beautiful work and be part of such a very important project. Congratulations.

    • Piper

      Thank you Vaughn. I think it is the highest honor a passionate photographer can have. To have their work printed in a book with top photographers that they greatly admire and for the proceeds used for an incredible important cause that they deeply believe in!

    • Piper

      And we even saw them in Nairobi National park, in the middle of Nairobi!!! Lets hope projects like this will help to provide resources to organization who are trying to protect them for future generations. It would be sad to think those coming behind us will never experience them roaming wild.

    • Terry Divyak

      Terri, I went to your blog and saw your work after seeing your photo of Piper with the elephants. I enjoyed both your and Piper’s infrared photos and need to research getting a converted camera.

    • Piper

      Thank you Annette, yes it is for an incredible cause and one that is worth the fight!

  4. Lori Denham

    A big congratulations! I just recently photographed some black rhinos in Ngorongoro Crater…the first I’d seen in the wild. Will just have to get the book.

    • Piper

      Thanks Lori, I am thrilled you are on another incredible safari and were able to see the Rhinos in the wild!