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Inspired by the experience; my first multi-media piece

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  Four plus years ago I walked into my first lecture about shooting video with a DSL camera. I listen to the words that all photographers are going to need to shoot video and the wall of resistance instantly went up. UGH!! I had not even grasped the DSL Camera and shooting stills yet; I… Read more »

It Takes Time

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  Living in the era of right now, the concept of “it takes time”, eludes most of us these days.  Truly grasping this and accepting it, will allow you to have less pressure, live better and make wiser choices. It is also why so many people give up too soon, and those who simply keep… Read more »

Colors of India Tour

Coming Full Circle

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My work has not always been focused in Africa. This journey started, a decade earlier, by simply booking a trip to Africa with the Sierra Club.  A place I had longed to go since I was a child. One of the items on the list of what to bring was a 300mm lens. I had… Read more »