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The power of light is the power in your photographs

by Piper on • (5 comments)

Creating a stunning photograph is all about how you see and capture light. Lighting is one of the main differences between a snap shot and a great shot. I still remember being out on one of my first safaris with professional photographers where they were discussing how quickly the light went flat; I was baffled…. Read more »

Paying for Photographs

by Piper on • (11 comments)

This is a question that comes up often in the comments of my post on FaceBook and Google+, particularly when I am posting photographs of the tribes in Africa. There is no one single right answer to this question; every situation is different. I know this is a topic many photographers struggle with, so I… Read more »

Thanks for a great 2013

by Piper on • (2 comments)

There are times in life when it’s good to slow down and be silent. That is how I decided to end the last few weeks of 2013; one of the most chaotic, but rewarding years, since picking up a camera and heading to Africa, almost a decade ago. Since I have been sharing images throughout… Read more »