Monthly Archives: September 2013

A long journey

by Piper on • (6 comments)

It has been a long Journey. Some seem much longer than others, even though I am on the same flights heading back to Africa; this was one of those times. I suppose it is because this past year has presented many more challenges, something that is not new and quite common.  Most people see only… Read more »

How did the Canon 1DX perform…..

by Piper on • (13 comments)

How did the Canon 1DX perform on its matronly voyage to the Mara? Unbelievably Awesome! Kudos to Canon for rebuilding the AF system from the ground up. I have not been this happy with a “high speed” body, since the 1D Mark II, not to be confused with the 5D Mark II. Yes, the camera… Read more »

Hang in there

by Piper on • (1 comment)

The past year has been exciting, but overwhelmingly busy. When I have been in the US, I have dedicated a large amount of my time to 2 projects for 2014. The rest of my time has been dedicate to my safaris/tours that are all sold out this year. Sharing the magic of Africa with other… Read more »