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Camille Seaman Interview

by Piper on • (1 comment)

I first learned of Camille Seaman from a mutual friend who invited me to come hear her speak at the Annenburg Space of Photography. I was immediately impressed by her presence and photography; not only is Camille’s work outstanding, but she is a great storyteller and a fascinating speaker. I highly recommend making the effort… Read more »

It’s not about Gender; its about business.

by Piper on • (21 comments)

There is a very exciting new publication about to hit the market, “Female Photographer  Magazine”. When I posted this on my social media sites, there were some expected comments referencing that photography should not be about gender. My answer to that is, “You are correct, it should not be about gender”, but sadly, as a… Read more »

Canon or Nikon?

by Piper on • (26 comments)

I guess I kind of left you all hanging on what I decided; staying a Canon girl or crossing to the dark-side? Life has just been moving right along and then someone brought it up on FB a few weeks ago…. I giggled and said, “ Oh yeah, I forgot to tell everyone.” If you… Read more »

Where would you go?

by Piper on • (14 comments)

Where would you go? If you had no restrictions, no fears, unlimited time and money – where would you go, what would you do, and what would your memories be? The biggest part of this journey began about 3 ½ years ago; a year after the crash of the economy. This was a time when… Read more »