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The Endless Summer, The Perfect Wave

by Piper on • (9 comments)

I was wondering down the isle of the store with my mind and soul completely in Africa. I looked up and thought; now why am I here and what am I looking for. Although I recently returned from another incredible journey in the Omo Valley, which had been followed by one of the most exciting… Read more »

Boat Sinking Movie-Tribes of the Omo

by Piper on • (4 comments)

First lets be clear that I am a still photographer and have no desire to become a film maker.  Now many of  you are going to say – Thank Godness when you watch the video below I have just discovered how to share iphone video’s with you.. meaning they are taken on my iPhone ,… Read more »

He Changed the World

by Piper on • (2 comments)

    One year ago Steve Jobs, a man who changed the world, left this world. Seldom do we get to live in a time period where one person so dramatically changed the world. I  watched some of Steve Jobs speeches and have read his biography and always found him incredibly inspiring. He is a… Read more »