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The challenges of Africa

by Piper on • (4 comments)

First I wanted to say, it has been too long since my last post. I thought I would be sharing a post with all of you at least twice a week, but the realities of working in a developing country have greatly come into play.  I think it took me about 5 days to sort… Read more »

african sunset

The Rhythm of Life in Africa

by Piper on • (13 comments)

I know you are excited, and most of you were thinking when you received an email of this post, or were just checking in, you would be experiencing emotionally captivating images of  wildlife and the colors of Africa, and I promise to deliver them very soon! I needed to stop, catch my breath, and slow… Read more »

My Life in a Box and Three Bags

by Piper on • (3 comments)

I did not get a chance to post these prior to my departure and I know that many of you photographers have been waiting for this one. A photography of  gear I brought for the trip, plus my tripod and wimberly, and ball head. I packed most of the camera’s and lenses in the camera… Read more »